What’sApp Data Transfer

How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone without Backup

1) Standard WhatsApp way to Restore WhatsApp messages to iPhone:-

We can recover our WhatsApp method by different Tools. but if you want to restore data in a manual way then follow some basics step which are as below:-

This guide will explain that how to recover what’sapp data in a easy step:

Step 1: If you are switching devices, get your old iPhone and backup the WhatsApp data first.

Turn on iCloud backup functionality> device connected Wi-Fi connection> Go to WhatsApp> Settings> Open Chats> Browse Chat Backup option> click on Back Up now> wait until successfully backup.

Step 2: Now comes, restoring the backup on your new iPhone Device.

New device connected to a strong Wi-Fi network> Turn on ‘WhatsApp’ in iCloud settings in new device> ‘Settings’ > tap ‘[Your Name]’ on top >‘iCloud’ > toggle on ‘WhatsApp> Activate WhatsApp on this new iPhone> verify with same no> WhatsApp to detect backup over your iCloud> Restore Chat History> wait until all data recover.

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