iPhone | iPad Wifi Issue

iPhone Wifi

iPhone | iPad Wifi Issue

iPhone and iPad Wifi Issue Related to Connectivity? Are your iPhone and iPad not connecting with Wifi or wifi greyed out. So here are some basic tips to fix your wifi connectivity issue.

iPhone connects to wifi but no Internet

To fix this wifi problem, just switch your wifi router off for 10 minutes.

In the meantime, forget the network you were connected to by visiting “Settings” > ”Wifi” > ”Network Name” > information icon and finally tappig on “Forget this Network”.

Now restart your wifi router and find the network name on your iPhone under “Wifi” option in “Settings”  and then connect to the network by typing the password and tap join.

You can also fix this problem by resetting the network settings. By visiting “Settings” on your iPhone an select “General” then “Reset” and tap on “Reset network settings” Then there is popup shows on your screen just tap “Reset network settings”.

Resetting the network will erase all saved passwords and networks and this technique is very helpful and can be used to solve other iPhone Wi-Fi problems also.

iPhone wifi keep disconnecting

Another wifi problem is that it keeps disconnecting at random intevals and found that it suddenly disconnects. And this is an irritating Wifi not working on iPhone problems.

  1. Make sure your iPhone is in the Wi-Fi’s range as every router has its specific range to which it caters.
  2. Check with other devices too. If the same problem persists on your laptop, etc then you might need to contact your service provider.
  3. You can also visit “Settings” >“Wi-Fi” >“ network name” > Information Icon and finally tap on “Forget this Network” and rejoin it after a few minutes.
  4. Renew the lease on the iPhone by visiting “Settings” then tapping on “Wi-Fi” and selecting your network. Then, tap on “i” and hit “Renew Lease”.

Finally, you can try to reset your network settings as explained earlier which is a one stop solution to fix all types of iPhone Wi-Fi not working problems.

iPhone Can’t Find Wifi

Almost this is the basic problem with iPhone wifi that it unable to appears your wifi network in Wifi by visiting “Settings” > “Wifi”

So, here is what you can try to fix this issue.

First, go near the Wi-Fi router and wait for the signals to get detected by your iPhone. If any chance, the network does not get detected, you might try to connect to a “Hidden Network”.

To do that, visit “Settings” on your iPhone. Then select “Wi-Fi” and choose “Other” from below the network names appearing before you.

Now feed in the name of your network, choose its security type, enter its password and finally hit “Join”.

  • If nothing solves the issue, there might something wrong with your Wi-Fi antenna due to dirt, moisture, etc and it will need to be replaced.
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