iPhone not iPad Not Charging?

iPad Charging Issue

iPhone not iPad Not Charging?

Is Your iPhone not iPad Not Charging??

Here are the reasons and basic troubleshooting steps to fix this issue.

The first thing is how to know is your iPhone or iPad is charging or not. When the device is plugged into the power source like Wall power outlet, Computer or Power Accessory after that look in the status bar on there is a lightening bolt next to the battery icon it means that your iPhone or iPad is Charging if not It means your device is not charging.


  • Check the iPhone charging Jack for dust, derbis, lint & other obstructions. Sometimes due to dust the charging cable doesn’t fits properly in the charging jack. So, you have clean the jack preferably with something like a Q-Tip, toothpick, or a dry toothbrush. If you have a can of air, blowing it in there can help too. Once the charging port is cleared out, try charging it again. It probably works now. If not charging  keep reading.
  • Change the Wall Outlet or USB Port plugged into The next most common reason an iPhone won’t charge is because of where it’s actually plugged into. Sometimes the wall outlet itself isn’t working or the light switch is turned off, so if you’re using a wall charger then change the outlet. If you’re charging the iPhone or iPad from a USB cable connected to a computer, sometimes the USB port on the computer itself is the problem. Try another USB port on the computer, PC or Mac doesn’t matter, that often fixes the issue too.
  • Check the USB cable for damage

A damaged, the faulty or compatible charging cable will prevent charging your iPhone or iPad. If you fount that cable is damaged somewhere so that’s why your iPhone or iPad is not charging. Then it’s time to buy a new genuine cable. If you found that cable is not genuine your are using a compatible one it may also harm your device internally and Apple strongly recommends that always use a Genuine (Original) charging cable.

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