MacBook Hard Disc Drive/HDD Not Mounting?

External HDD

MacBook Hard Disc Drive/HDD Not Mounting?

External Storage Not Mounting | Unrecognised

MacBook Hard Disc Drive: When you connect an external hard drive to Mac, it mounts and shows on the desktop. It also appears in Finder. However, sometimes, the disk can fail to mount when you connect it. In such a case it won’t even appear in Finder.

So, here are some common fixes you can try by yourself.

  • Set your Mac to show all mounted drives on the desktop. Go to Finder -> Preferences -> General -> Tick External Drives
  • Unplug and re-plug the drive
  • Try to connect it with a different cable
  • Use a different USB port to connect it
  • Try connecting it to another Mac

If none of these work, there might be something wrong with your external hard drive.

Slow Mac hard drive

Long and Continuous usage can slow your mac hard drive. Additionally, a lot of other factors can contribute to degrading Mac performance like hard drive becoming too full, macOS being outdated, crowded startup, too many apps running in the background, hardware issues, etc.

Here are some fixes to give your mac performance boost.

  • Delete large unused files, old apps that you no longer use, and duplicate data from the hard drive
  • Clean up the desktop and login items
  • Update your macOS
  • See a list of background processes in Activity Monitor and quit the ones you don’t need
  • Upgrade your Mac hardware and firmware
  • Repair disk permissions

The above list of fixes often looks simple, but it actually isn’t. Taking out the time and patience to manually clean up Mac hard drive and perform other tune-up tasks can easily get frustrating.

Mac Hard Disk drive Failure

If your mac is not booting and shows folder on startup screen it might be the Mac hard disk failure issue. You can also check your Hard Disk Failure issue by just following some basic steps. Just Scroll down to know the steps to check your Mac hard disk.

  • Force shut down your Mac by holding the power button.
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